Laura A Moore

and Im back….

Using the hammer of his word and his unfailing love, God reshaped my disfigured desires until what I wanted more than anything else in the world was what he wanted- Beth Moore

I don’t deal the best with change! It is something I avoid at all cost. Sometimes however there is no avoiding change. As I walk through some changes recently I have questioned greatly some verses that I always clung to. I have asked, “God, what about completing a good work.” or “what about what I have hoped for and that whole deal with you giving what my heart desires.” As I have wondered these things through these changes that I have encountered I realized that God had given me these things! He has given me all of these things, just in a different way then I had expected. For example: God began a work in me and through these changes he will continue that good work.

I realize now sometimes my desires are misshaped and come from what I feel is best or most comfortable. I realize that the more I surrender to what God’s will is, my desires will be shaped and molded into what God desires for me!


And it begins…

So I finally did it… I started a blog. Actually I have had this blog for close to two weeks now, but I think Im finally ready to start writing on it! Once I figure everything out, I hope to make it look a little more interesting…

Now on to why I chose to start writing today! God is up to some big stuff. I mean I think God is always up to big stuff, but its really obvious right now!  Right now God is teaching me to find myself, my confidence, and my satisfaction in him. Honestly I think God has taught me this about 1,000,000 times but here it is again….I guess i have not gotten it yet! I am a person guilty of finding my confidence and satisfaction with life in my friends, my circumstances, and my accomplishments but God is showing me those things are unreliable! Don’t get me wrong my friends are amazing and such a blessing but as Im sure you all know they don’t satisfy and bring peace the way my amazing God does! I realize my circumstance and the way I feel about life are always changing…part of that is because I’m a girl and my feelings are always change..haha. But in all honesty all that is only temporary unlike our God.

Colossians 3:2 : Set your minds on what is above, not on what is on the earth